Mr Sivagnanam Gratian Nirmalanandan ( NIM)

Born 8th of October 1952

Called to Eternal rest 30th September 2001

Gratian Nirmalanandan was born on the 8th of October 1952. He had his Primary and Secondary school education at StJohn's College Jaffna. He then graduated from the Ceylon Technical College Maradana in 1977. Having entered the United Kingdom in 1983 he completed a degree in Law in 1989.
I had known Nirmalanandan for 38 years. We became friends in 1963 as I started my student life at St.John's College Jaffna. In a way I feel that I am representing the large number of Old boys of St.John's college who would remember Nirmu as "GNS 8". From the school days our friendship kept on growing. It's with profound sadness I utter these few words on this day when our friendship has abruptly ended. In Nirmalanandan not only have lost a close friend but a guide of my life. I thank the lord today for the many lovely discussions we had together and the pleasant memories he had left in me. Even from the early days of our friendship he was instrumental in imparting Christian love and Christian faith into my mind.

He made sure I was part of any significant event in his life. I was there when his elder brother Gnana Anna got married to Jeyamani Acca and when Pooraja Anna got married to Chandra Acca. In Colombo when Patrie Anna got married to Ranjo Acca, he made me part of his family. In 1978 he extended his own home as a bridal home for my elder sister. It goes without saying that the time of his marriage to Chandra I as well and truly part of his family. In short in many ways his home was my home too.

Today not only are we mourning his sudden death
we are also reliving the good moments we shared with him. In doing so we are indeed celebrating the life of Nirmalanandan. I will now quote a particular verse from the bible which he brought to my attention during his life time: For what seems to be

God's Foolishness is Wiser than Human Wisdom, and
What seems to be God's Weakness is
Stronger that Human Strength
- (1 Cor. 1:25)

Dr. M Sivakadachan


It was with extreme sadness and a great sense of loss when I heard of the untimely death of Gratian Nirmalanandan. He was a dear friend and fellow member of the London Tamil Christian Congregation (Popularly referred to as Putney Church).
Nim (as he was known amongst us) and I attended the same school, St. John's College in Jaffna, although we studied at different times. In the early  80 's we came
together at Putney Church - the first and the oldest established Tamil Church in the western world. Our friendship grew over the years as we both took active roles in the church. Nim was elected as a Choir Leader in 1996 and with the assistance of his able wife Chandra he carried out his responsibilities with great commitment until his untimely departure.

More recently the council requested Nim to be the convenor of a sub-committee in order to complete the LTCC Hymnbook project. He happily accepted this additional responsibility and almost brought it to its final stages. The Hymnbook is due to be published soon.
Nim was also extremely concerned about the struggle in our homeland and gave a lot of practical support. As members of Putney Church we often prayed together for justice and peace to prevail in our motherland.

Nim was always happy and a man of great patience. He was a person of mild temperament and a ready smile! Conversations with him were always stimulating. He was well-read and had a sound knowledge of the Bible, and shared messages at our Good Friday services.
He was a successful solicitor with an established
practice. . Nim was a loving son to his mother and a devoted husband.

We have lost a deeply committed Christian and a dear friend. With the assurance of faith, we know that Nim has gone to be with his Lord.
May his soul rest in peace.

Rajan Rajaratnam