In a moment of Kairos

In a moment of Kairos

Dear Friends

Greetings in the name of our living God Jesus Christ!

We can call this month a “Returning month” or “Thanksgiving month” or “First month back from this pandemic”. We are in a moment of Kairos in our life journey. Kairos is a Greek word meaning ‘right time’. This month is the right time to reflect on our past, present and future life journeys along with our memorable life stories so that we truly understand the grace of God. For those who trust in God, experiencing the grace of God is the beginning of moving forward with renewed hope and strength, and so it is in the life of LTCC.

In the Psalms of Ascents, David said ‘I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!” ‘(Psalm 122:1).

David was extremely happy to worship the Lord in God’s house, though he had experience in knowing and worshipping God outside of a building.

I do hope and pray that God, who encouraged Joshua to be strong and courageous to fulfil His purpose after Moses, is with us too as we carry on our daily lives, and that we also realise His presence with us.

In this month, the second and third Sunday Worship Services will be via Zoom. Please use the same Zoom ID to join the worship at 4:00 pm.

‘Creationtide’ begins on 1st September and ends on 4th October, according to our liturgical calendar. That’s why LTCC celebrates Harvest Sunday in September. This year the Central worship on the fourth Sunday Service includes giving thanks to God for what we have received from God in all sorts of ways during this pandemic; so it will be Harvest Sunday cum holistic Thanksgiving to God. Please bring to the Church whatever you would like to bring as a sign of your thanks and praise to God for His greatness in your lives. Also, any non-perishable food items you may wish to bring to the Service to share with those who are less fortunate will be distributed through the Homeless Project run by Rivercourt Methodist Church.

Let us reflect on the time we are in at present, and may the grace of God encourage us to come and worship together in person on the fourth Sunday (26th September) at 4:00 pm with thankful hearts and generous hands.

With blessings

Revd Jessie Anand

Minister, LTCC.      4th September 2021