03 - Karuna Nilayam’s Pre-School & Feeding Centre, Kilinochchi

‘Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God’

Hebrews 13:16


We write to thank all our members for your most considerate & caring support received for the Children at Karuna Nilayam.

It is deeply appreciated.


Following a six month Progress Report sent by Fr. Nesakumar, Director at Karuna Nilayam, we have now sent the final six months funds to Karuna Nilayam. Fr. Nesakumar has profoundly thanked LTCC for the spontaneous and generous support given to Karuna Nilayam.

Since our Appeal in September 2010, you have kindly donated as follows:

Donations from LTCC members                                             1,621.47

Donation from All Saints Church, Battersea                             300.00

Donations from LTCC ‘War Relief Fund’                                   773.00

Donations from LTCC ‘Children in Need’ Fund                       2,065.53


Let us continue to keep these Children, the Teachers, the Leaders and others in our Prayers. It is in our power to help them. Only we, with the blessings of our Lord, can make a difference in their lives.