Children's Talk - 16th March 2014

Children's Talk

16th March 2014 at Hounslow Worship


16/03/2014  - Luke Ch 15:11-end

A well known story of a father and two sons.

Children looked at the story in relation to LENT. How the father was hurt by both sons, yet he loved them both the same. So, what did it mean to us?

Learn – Learn from the bible stories, from others and our own experience.

Evaluate – Examine our own actions and thoughts.

Negotiate - To ask for forgiveness and change our actions to love one another.

ThankThank God for the opportunity to be able to examine ourselves.
Time -    Thank God for this time of LENT to reflect on our lives.

If we follow Jesus’ teachings and abide by that we can still remain as the decorated X’mas tree with all the light bulbs burning with love.


Please find below the Art work from our Children at the Service